Posted by: mpashle1 | April 27, 2015

Gardening is so rad :)

Down at the garden this weekend we had about 4 tonnes of manure being delivered. I feel quite accomplished saying that I personally shoveled half of the manure into the waiting wheelbarrows.

Which made me think “surely shoveling sh*t isn’t the only accomplishment in gardening?”

Actually accomplishments are achieved, albeit small, on a daily basis. A weed is removed, a seedling sprouts, a row is thinned, a plot is watered.

Which made me think about work achievements. I guess I did a lot of thinking this weekend, eh!

A result, an action, a fix, a change, a development – they’re all relative. To the executive these are achieved in months, to managers they’re achieved in weeks but to the guys on the floor they’re looking for a daily time frame. As managers it’s our responsibility to deliver these minute achievements on a daily basis. It’s integral that our team members see us moving forward, albeit ever so slowly, on a daily basis.

But how?

Posted by: mpashle1 | March 28, 2015

First impressions last

I’m hiring so I spent the day interviewing candidates. It was very much Groundhog Day, asking the same questions and invariably, getting the same answers.

What mostly set the applicants apart, wasn’t what they particularly said, but what the didn’t say!

You can read this two ways. The better candidate was whomever didn’t answer the question wrong or who didn’t use a business faux pas, such as using the term “subordinate” rather than “employee” or “coworker”.

Or rather those who excelled non-verbally. Those who were smartly dressed and cleanly shaven. Those who aren’t distracted by their phones or outside influences.